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Encounter with this manga and its synopsis

I also recommend this comic from Piccoma! I love status and level up type 😍I’ve been reading since rather early on and didn’t think it would last this long 😁.

The “gate” leads to another dimension, beyond which is a dungeon, infested with monsters.In the world, there were people called “hunters” who challenged such dungeons and gained wealth. One day, Shun Mizushino, the lowest-ranked and weakest hunter in the human race, is nearly killed in a Class D dungeon when his parties betray him. However, at the moment of his death, his special ability awakens…

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My Impression


The need to pay for surgery for his mother’s illness. Being an E-class hunter, the weakest of all human beings, almost dying from overwork. And he is awakening to become the strongest S-class hunter. These stories are told in rapid succession. Expectations for the first episode are growing high.


The story begins with you covered in blood and surrounded by giant monsters😇 After that, we will reminisce a bit from the past. It seems that Mizushino-kun is an E-class hunter, a little tougher than others and heals faster than others (I’m jealous of that 😫) It seems that today he will participate in a raid at a construction site. Poor Mizushino-kun is the weakest of all human beings 😁,” Mashima-san told Kuga-san, and so Mashima-san, Kuga-san, and Mizuki-san got together and went through the gate. To be continued!


Mizutsuki is seriously worried about Mizushino Hunter’s injury. She is a good girl😚 Apparently, hunters use the magic stones they get from killing monsters as a source of income; even C-class monsters can fetch more than a million yen, but on this day, Mizushino hunters got only one magic stone from E-class monsters. The raid was just about to end when the party found the entrance to a new dungeon. Apparently, this dungeon had a structure called a “double dungeon. A majority vote of the 17 members of the party decides whether or not to continue on. But this is definitely a death flag 😫 The vote was 8 to 8 in favor and the decision was left to the Mizushino hunters. What are you going to do? I’m going 😎” You’re dead. to be continued


The party is moving deeper into the dungeon, but Mizuki is furious 🤬”This is insane! I wish I could say more 😄What a B-grade healer she seems to be 🤩”You can buy me dinner next time as an apology” 😊😊😊😊😊Nichia. I’m so glad you’re here. What? You don’t want to have dinner with me?” It’s also cute to see her cheeks puffing out with a “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” look 🥰A door is found in the back, and it leads to what seems to be the boss’s room, the
rules of the Temple of Cartenon.
 First, honor God
. Second, praise God.
Third, have
faith in God
Yes, I’m dead 😇The
law continues “No one who does not abide by this law will return alive.” nhhhh, I’m dead
 😇Man “I’m going back. I’ll give you everything, treasure or not (click)” He goes to the door. (What an instant death flag!) They are instantly slaughtered by the stone statues near the door (16 left) and ba-ba-ba🥶.


Everyone said, “Oh no! Oh no! Whoa!
Mabuchi: “Wait a minute, does that big stone statue move too?”
 MIZUSHINO (piqued) “Get down!” The
statue “biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim
 from the eyes” ..
. It seems
that several people were obliterated by the beam, but thanks to Mizushino hunter’s sixth sense,
 survived even though he lost one arm, and Mizuki survived even though she kept shaking. 🤖”
Next time, all the way down!

Chapter5 Continued VS Giant Stone Statue

The situation was that of the three healers, one was extinguished by an instant death attack and one was in a state of panic.The speedy hunter who tried to escape was juked from the eyes by the bbbiiiiiiiiim 😨It seems that each stone statue is moving according to the rules, so next time, Mizushino hunter’s reasoning will be brilliant!

Chapter 6 Sequel VS Giant Stone Statue: Solve the Mystery of the Code

The first rule is “Honor God,” so we should all bow!
✨n, yeah? Is there such a reasoning? But everyone bows. Then the attacks stop…and the stone statues get a very mad look on their faces. This is scary 🥶 and then the stone statue starts to walk, so we’re in trouble! The second rule is “Praise God” and one of them sings a hymn, but it is easily crushed. It’s getting like a death game, isn’t it? What should we do?


Not a song to praise this God! I had a development like that, but I thought it was meaningless if I sang it myself (conclusion). Two people were trampled, Kuga-san was cut, two more were cut with swords, and one each was killed by a spear and an axe. And one more person was killed with a crowbar, so eight or nine people were killed in this story alone. And Mizushino hunter managed to solve the mystery of the stone statue, but he lost his leg😭.


There were 17 of us and now there are 6. No, that was probably more deaths 🤔Kanzuki-chan, my nose is bleeding boo😫Remember, the third rule “Have faith in God” is put to the test. The altar rises and apparently a sacrifice is required? At any rate, when we all gathered at the altar, a flame was lit for the number of people and the door to the outside was opened. I didn’t think we could all get out! But then the stone statues started moving and I had a feeling we were in trouble again😭.


The blue flame is on a timer, and if you keep eye contact with the stone statues until it goes out, you might be able to clear it! But one by one, two disappeared on their own, and finally Mr. Mashima ran away…and all that was left were Mr. Mabuchi, Ms. Mizuki, and Mizushino Hunter. Mr. Mashima… if you run away, we will die 😭 so why 😫.


I’m scared, Mizushino. It’s so frustrating! I’ve worked so hard and been so honest. It’s hard, I want to get out of here alive too 😭sorry, sorry!
 AnnouncementAll the requirements for the Secret
Courage of the Helpless”
have been completed.

 You can become a player. Do you accept? If you do not accept, your heart will stop beating after 0.02 seconds. I’m sure you’ll accept this 😅, so I chose YES.

“I’m a player now.”

It all starts here! 😆

Chapter 11.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital room! People from the Surveillance Division of the Japan Hunter Association visit the sickroom. They say that only six people made it back alive and that there was no trace of the stone statue in the room where the Mizushino hunter was found. That’s ridiculous😣 and I think the Mizushino hunters have reawakened. So I measured it with a magic measuring device and found that it was pillow pillow pillow, de-d-d-d-d-d-d-d, 10! Even though E rank is usually over 70. The weakest of the human race is no joke🤣And then comes her younger sister, Aoi Mizushino.


This system supports the growth of the [player


Failure to comply with the system’s instructions may result in penalties.


Compensation was paid.

QUEST. I’ll check it out.

Quest Guide

Daily Quest – Going Strong


Push-ups [0/100].

Abdominal muscles [0/100].

Squat [0/100].

Running [0/10km].

Note – Failure to complete all will result in a penalty equal to the degree of non-completion.

Shun, I’ll ignore these quests 😅Go to the penalty area. You will encounter a giant poisonous sand centipede

Quest Guide

Penalty Quest: Survival


Survive until the end of penalty time

Penalty time: 4 hours

Remaining: 3 hours 59 minutes 57 seconds



Mizushino hunters entering a hidden dungeon. You’ve been locked in. I guess it’s hard to survive as the weakest human being 😅.

Chapter 13

Mizushino “Kussei” It seems to be a dungeon where beast types appear. I don’t have a weapon, but my body is light, so I run around. But if I don’t do anything, I’m going to get poorer and poorer. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, but it’s a good idea. Let’s start the counterattack!

Chapter 14.

Current status.

Name: Mizushino Shun

Level: 2

Occupation: None

Fatigue level: 0

Title: None



Muscle strength: 20

Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Intelligence: 11


Distributable points:0

Apparently, all abilities are increased by 1 with each level up. Daily quests are 3 points. I will level up. In addition, it seems that the monsters in this dungeon do not give me magic stones. I guess I will remain poor as it is 🥶 Just got the item!

Lycan Fang

Difficulty of obtaining: None

Type: Crap

Large, sharp lycanthropic tusks

Can be kept in inventory or sold in the store

Lycan fangs are now 20 gold at the store. 20 gold? I don’t know how much in Japanese yen. After that, I continued to defeat enemies, improved 4 levels, and got the mysterious title of “wolf slaughterer” 🤣.

Chapter 15.

The effects of the previous mystery title have been revealed! Apparently, when fighting beast-type monsters, the ability is increased by 40%. Eh, I wonder if it’s the same for Beast Monarchs (Monarchs of Beasts) or something like that🤣I also got a return stone, but decided not to use it. That’s what I’m talking about, a water shino hunter! We will take down the sharp-clawed brigas and black-shadowed lasans. Two level ups here. We also defeat the lycanthrope of the rigid iron fangs quickly. Apparently, the system was designed to tell the strength of the enemy by the monster name. It’s totally a game! 🤣Red is strong, white is weak. Orange is about the same as me. Level was up to 15.

Current status.

Name: Mizushino Shun

Level: 15

Occupation: None

Fatigue level: 30

Title: None ← I thought he’ve got it!



Strength: 45

Physical Strength: 24

Speed: 24

Intelligence: 24

Sensation: 24

Distributable points:0

I will fight against the boss, VS “Swamp Lord, Blue Poison Fang Kasaka” 🤗Ganbae🤗.

Chapter 16

Isn’t this “I have to be strong” panel starting to awaken your abilities as a shadow monarch? Defeated the Lord of the Swamp, Blue Poison Fang Kasaka, and his level is up 3! And now we have kasaka poison and kasaka poison fangs (weapons)!

[ITEM: Kasaka’s venomous fangs].

Acquisition difficulty: C

Type: Dagger

Attack power: +25

It is a dagger made from the poisonous fangs of the kasaka. The poison of the casaca remains in the fangs, causing paralysis and bleeding to the attacker. You can store it in your inventory or sell it in the store.

Paralysis: The attacker has a certain probability of being paralyzed.

Effect “Bleeding”: The attacked opponent loses strength at a rate of 1% per second.